• 27/03/2020

In the zone

In the zone

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There’s a quote that goes like this, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place to be but nothing grows from there”. We all have a comfort zone, a place where we feel safe and in control. A place that feels familiar, the nest of our habits and routine. We are humans, we are wired to seek comfort but we are also wired to grow and develop.

So what happens when you stretch your boundaries a bit?
Well, that is when you take a step out of your Comfort Zone and enter your Growth Zone.

It’s easy to recognise Growth Zone, it comes with challenges and a rush of adrenaline as you walk into the unknown. It is a great place to be, the open door to opportunities. In Growth Zone you challenge yourself, meaning you engage in activities in which you will be learning something new. It’s a place where you create and try new things, and by doing so, you expand and grow. It could be in your professional life by extending your skillset, for instance, or in your personal life by learning a new sport, attending a cooking class, starting to practice yoga…. Anything that will switch you into ‘learning mode’.

Mind you though, stretch yourself too much and you’ll end up in Panic Zone, and that is not the place where you want to be.

Panic Zone is easily noticeable as it comes with a feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed; which rapidly interferes with your ability to function well. Very soon, anxiety will kick in and freeze your brain preventing you from moving forward. In this case, it just means that the step you took is too big and you just need to readjust.
Another thing that you can do is break down the step or task into several ones and complete one after the other.

When you associate Growth Zone with your dreams, this is where things become real and where the magic happens.
By taking action you are taking a step, even a small one, towards your dreams to something that makes your heart sing.

There are many things you can do to move from comfort to growth:

• Regularly try something new
• Be curious and open
• Learn about that thing you always wanted
• Identify an area of your life where you want to make changes and take a step towards it.
• If you feel stuck, look for support. ie: you want to exercise but you find it difficult to do it by yourself, look for a buddy.

Keep in minds that it does not have to be a big stretch or a big step, just a move toward your goal. So don’t limit your potential by staying in your comfort zone. You have so much to offer, expand and soon you’ll find yourself willing to spend more time in growth zone. Don’t settle, be open, be curious and keep growing.

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