• 10/04/2020

5 tips to look after yourself in time of change

5 tips to look after yourself in time of change

5 tips to look after yourself in time of change 800 533 Within Coaching

This unusual situation is inviting us to retreat, to spend more time in our home and with our self. Less travel, less movement, less social life, more inner life, less thoughts, more . It encourages us to go within. Below are 5 tips that can help you navigate through this journey.

Observe your thought patterns. In the current circumstances it is easy to get caught into negative thinking. Stress, fear, frustration weakened your immune system and what you want is the opposite you need your health to be strong. Positive thinking makes you feel good and keep you healthy and energetic. Cultivate joy, appreciation, gratitude

Be mindful in your use of Social Media and the News. Of course, we want to be informed, but we don’t need to dwell into it all day long. You can for instance define moment(s) during the day to check the news and limit your exposure (ie: set a duration, 30min in the morning and in the evening). Be intentional in your social media management.

‘Energy flows where attention goes’, choose what you want to focus on. Your thoughts are an open door to your reality. Be selective in what you to let in ie: strength, health and peace instead of fear, anger and panic.

Keep yourself engaged. If you notice that your thought process starts spiralling down, engage your mind in activities (reading, catch up on paperwork, work on this project you’ve never had time for, start a craft activity…)

Look for opportunities. This all process can be the chance to rethink your priorities, change things around and adopt new habits that will serve you more. Ask yourself, what is one thing that I would like to change? It can also be a good opportunity to create time and space to revisit and reassess your goals. What are the things that really matter? What is one thing that I would really like to achieve? Why is it important?

Sometimes it is good to let go of the attachment on how things are, or how we would like them to be and create some space for new things to come in. Let’s be curious and see what can be found and created from this unusual situation.

And remember it will pass.

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